How Does Your Blood Pressure Increase?

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Uncontrolled stress

Stress can affect your heart rates which means also can directly affect the way of your heart in pumping the blood.


Stress only causes a temporary raised blood pressure – but though temporary, the effect can be dramatic.

Moreover, stress may put you at high risk of doing other risk factors of hypertension such as drinking too much alcohol and smoking.

Unchangeable risk factors

The risk factors mentioned before are changeable risk factors – you can control and change them. But there are also some factors that increase the risk of hypertension but you cannot change them, these include:

  1. Age! In general, your risk raises as you get older.
  2. Certain race – hypertension is more common in blacks than in whites.
  3. Having a family history of hypertension.

Hypertension with known cause (secondary hypertension)

While most cases of hypertension don’t have a specific cause (the type of this hypertension is medically called essential hypertension), there is also a kind of hypertension that is triggered by known specific cause (called secondary hypertension).

Risk factors written before (particularly for diet and lifestyle factors) are commonly often associated with essential hypertension.

In secondary hypertension, the diet and lifestyle also have an effect, but the major cause of the problem is usually triggered by certain health conditions.

Kidney disease ranks to top major cause of secondary hypertension. Other factors that can be identified in causing secondary hypertension are the use of certain birth control pills (especially for pills that contain estrogen), pregnancy, the use of certain medications, and abnormalities /tumors that affect adrenal glands.


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