Blood Pressure Lowering Device Review

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This innovative, blood pressure lowering device is already approved by the FDA for lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.

It’s an intelligent-portable electronic unit that promotes slow, healthy deep breathing. In general, it’s intended to be used at least 15minutes a day, 3-4 days a week — the manufacturer says. Within several weeks, you may see improvements of lower both systolic (top) and diastolic (bottom) numbers in your blood pressure reading.

The device uses chest sensors. It analyzes your breathing and produces an appropriate melody to help synchronize how you take a breath. As a result, you’re stimulated to breathe slowly with long exhalations and this would lead to lower blood pressure levels. To maintain the benefits, you may have to keep doing the exercise regularly.

What science says on this device? In the past few decades, numerous nondrug alternative approaches for lowering blood pressure have been evaluated. Device-guided breathing is one of them.

According to AHA (the American Heart Association), device-guided breathing is a ‘reasonable alternative approach” to help lower blood pressure in some cases, particularly if the problem occurs with anxiety and patients can’t tolerate standard medications [3].

But device-guided breathing doesn’t work for anyone. Even some researchers called on the AHA to re-evaluate its standpoint, because more studies are required to confirm the effectiveness of this approach for blood pressure alternative treatment [4].

While this issue is probably still debatable, some people find that deep breathing exercise (with or without a device) is worth a try. But to keep safe, it’d be better to ask your doctor first, though this device is available without prescription.

Zona Plus, isometric handgrip training

Another alternative non-drug treatment if you cannot tolerate medications is probably isometric handgrip device such as Zona Plus.

Isometric exercise is done without movement (in one, static position). Therefore it doesn’t significantly improve your athletic performance. But it can help train a particular muscle or group of muscles without the strain on the bones /joints, leading to some health benefits. Isomeric handgrip exercise, for example, may help lower blood pressure levels, according to some studies [5][6].

Tightly gripping something with your hand is enough to stimulate muscle contractions even though while your arm rests on a chair or table. At first, this may trigger an increase in your blood pressure level since your heart is pumping more blood to support the exercise. But in long term, it would carry the level down.

But to gain the benefits most, you need to do the handgrip exercise properly. Here Zona Plus may help! It is designed with a software controller with a series of uniquely-calibrated algorithms, allowing you to do the exercise more effectively.

With this handled device, you can precisely monitor whether you’re using enough force during exercise for optimal results. And the good news, it’s already approved by the FDA.

What to remember, this device is not aimed to primarily treat high blood pressure. On its own, it’s not going to solve the problem. But with other lifestyle measures, it would be potentially an interesting development in treating high blood pressure without ‘pills’.


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