Can You Cure Gastritis Permanently

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As the inflammation wears away at the lining of stomach, the lining can weaken over time. If left untreated, this can cause complications like stomach ulcers, internal bleeding, and even stomach cancer. Also, the ability of the stomach to absorb nutrients from foods may also be affected.

For instance, the disease may make the stomach more difficult to absorb vitamins, causing anemia and interfering with your nerve function.

Are there any ways to prevent gastritis and its recurrence? Again, this is also dependent on the cause of the disease. But though each case is unique, the following approaches should help reduce the risk of having the recurrence after treatment:

  1. Take all of medicines as you have been instructed by health provider who prescribed them. This is especially true for antibiotics – don’t stop early even though you start feel better. Incomplete course of antibiotics may not kill all bacteria completely. As a result the surviving bacteria could be more resistant, making gastritis caused by bacterial infection become harder to treat and more likely to come back after treatment.
  2. Frequently wash your hands (especially after using the toilet) and make sure your meals have been cooked completely. These might help prevent H-pylori infection.
  3. Eliminate any factors that put you at high risk of the recurrence, such as; excessive alcohol use, cigarette smoking, and excessive use of NSAIDs /any pain relievers that provoke gastritis!

In addition, there are some herbs or supplements that might help cure the disease. But since most of them have no adequate evidence on effectiveness, consult with your doctor first!

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