Can Gout Cause Shoulder Pain?

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Remedies and treatment options for coping

There are some remedies that you can do on yourself to help improve shoulder pain. The use of some medicines such as ibuprofen (a pain killer) is a common choice to help ease the pain.


For mild pain, it may improve within a few days. Remedies such as avoiding activities that can worsen the problem may be helpful enough.

But the outcome is also dependent on the cause behind your shoulder pain – which also can affect the kind of treatment option you need to follow. If it is related to certain condition such as gout or other arthritis forms, medical intervention is usually required.

If the gout is the problem, controlling the uric acid level is the major concern. There are plenty of options to cope with gout – from natural remedies to the use of anti-inflammatory medicines or other additional medications to lower the uric acid level.

For more detailed information about treatment options for gout, see here and here!

Surgery can be suggested to treat arthritis. But in gout, fortunately it is rarely treated with surgery. Even if compared with other arthritis types, gout is extremely more treatable!

For instance, many cases of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are incurable and more likely to become chronic, though mostly they are treatable, too. Gout can be chronic – but the good news, some sufferers who have had a gout attack never have another flare-up after following the appropriate treatment plan!

If you in doubt to the outcome of your shoulder pain (particularly if there is no sign of improvement or if the pain lasts longer than what you expect /even it gets worse), see your GP /physician promptly!

Additionally, shoulder pain could become a long-term condition – but again depending on the cause of the problem and how well you treat it! Furthermore, a correct diagnosis for the cause of the pain can be so essential to determine the effective treatment plan.




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