Can Hair Follicles Grow Back?

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For instances, improvement when you choose to use Finasteride would usually appear at least 3 months after the treatment [4]. Minoxidil may also carry improvement in couple of months [5]. 

Though Finasteride is recommended for the first line treatment of attack for all men who are interested in treating their pattern baldness, but it has not proven to be effective in treating female pattern hair loss.

On the other hand, Minoxidil can be used for both hair loss problem in men and women. But it’s likely effective for receding hairline.

Unfortunately, both Finasteride and Minoxidil typically only provide a temporary result – the hair loss problem usually will resume when you discontinue taking the medicine.

How do you know if your hair follicles are dead?

It’s difficult to get to know whether a follicle is temporarily resting or completely gone. However, a site with has dead follicles usually comes with abnormal hair loss.

Inspect the thinning scalp of your head in front of a mirror! If you see some new growth of hairs on there, this could be a good sign that some follicles are still alive.

But if you cannot find any new growth or if the thinning gets worse, it’s better to see a dermatologist for a clearly diagnosis. Your doctor can perform a scalp biopsy procedure to comprehensively analyze the problem.

Biopsy is a kind of small surgery. In this procedure, a specialist will remove a small tissue of your scalp (particularly from thinning are or predicted). The removed tissue is then examined in the lab!

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