Can Loose Skin Be Tightened With Exercise – More FAQs?

We all do agree that exercise can help improve the health of our lungs, hearts, and muscles of the body. Even it also can help promote a better mental outlook. But did you know that it also can help improve the health of your skin ? In other words, there are many ways to help treat and prevent loose skin. Bu if you are looking for home remedies and natural treatments to help make your loose skin be tightened, having regular exercise should be on one of your top lists you need to follow!


Sagging or loose skin – what actually is it?

As well we know, sagging skin can be considered as a part of aging which something that is out of your control. The elasticity of skin in young adults is much better if compared in older adults and elderly people. Therefore, the awareness of your skin care and doing healthy practices should be better as you age to help reduce your chance of having premature loose skin.

The underlying structure of your skin will break down over time. But, some factors can make it come faster, such as after losing weight (particularly large amount of weigh loss) at short time. Genetics and how far the sun damages your skin may also affect.

However, there are a lot of things you can do to help prevent and treat it. In addition, you may be confused about the definition between ‘sagging skin’ and ‘loose skin’.

loose_skin_and_exercise_illustrationMedically, there is no difference of both terms. Both point to the same meaning. But in general, people are more likely to use the term of sagging skin for a decreased elasticity of skin as a part of normal aging.

And for the term of loose skin, it is more likely to be used to describe the clearly noticeable excessive wide of skin due to certain abnormal condition such as after getting extremely weight loss at short time.

The role of your age and weight in affecting your chance of having loose skin

Weight is one of crucial components that significantly affect the shape of your body. Therefore, if you want to keep your best shape, it’s also important to keep on your ideal weight. And your skin, it can adjust naturally to the changes of your weight. The greater your weight will be followed with the larger of skin that cover your body.

Your skin can get larger and smaller. But unfortunately, the skin is relatively easier to get larger in size. And on the other the hand, it is difficult to shrink. In other words, restoring your loose skin can take more time once it loosened.

The age also significantly affects your chance. Even if people don’t have large amount of weight loss at short time, there is chance for anyone will experience some loose skin on some sites of the body (such as sagging skin on sites of the face in elderly people).

For young adults – Is it safe to lose large amount of weight at short time?

The skin elasticity of young adults usually is relatively better than older adults – as noted before. If you are older than 35 years of age, and you take crash diet that makes you lose large amount of weight at short time, you are greater chance of having loose skin.

But this also can occur if you are younger than 35s. And for older adults, the problem can be double since their skin elasticity is not as well as younger adults.

However, this doesn’t mean that crash diet is allowed for younger adults. Generally, losing large amount of weight at short time is not recommended for anyone – loose skin is one of many problems that may occur.

So, can loose skin be tightened with exercise?

Dermatologists agree that regular exercise is one of the cheapest options to have and promote healthy skin in long term. At short time, exercise may don’t have much contribution to help tighten loose skin.

But with other appropriate treatments and healthy practices, regular exercise does help improve loose skin in long term. It can help tone muscles, but it doesn’t directly affect the skin. However, firmer muscles will help improve the appearance of your skin to look better overall.

The health benefits of exercise are more often associated with the cardiovascular benefits, but anything that can help promote better circulation of blood flow in the body will also be useful to improve your health skin.


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