Does Brazilian Wax Cause Sagging Skin

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Brazilian wax is a popular technique to remove hairs of pubic area (bikini lines), allowing women from different societies to enjoy their swimming suits more elegantly. Today it has a significant influence at fashion trends of lingerie and skimpy bathing suits. But there are also a few drawbacks. Does it cause sagging skin?

Brazilian wax pros and cons

There are several options for pubic hair removal (either temporarily or permanently) to choose from, and Brazilian wax is one of the most popular ones among women who love fashionable bikini bathing suits. It offers clearly and smoothly skin for pretty long period (typically about 4-7 weeks).

But like all existing pubic hair removal methods, there are also pros and cons which better to know before trying this one.

Brazilian waxing benefits

  1. It is affordable choice, especially if used at home. It’s quite practical enough to get your own personal pubic hair styles.
  2. The result is awesome. Again – the hair-free, silky and clean pubic area can last for quite long period. Also, the wax will make your pubic hairs become sparser, softer, and finer after several times of waxing.
  3. With enough experiences and using high quality waxing kit, you can do it quickly and effectively at home without asking someone else to help. You can do it easily at once, even for large pubic area as well as for various different styles of pubic hair.
  4. In proper way, it usually will not cause serious skin irritation, redness, or itching.

Brazilian waxing drawbacks

  1. While it is one of the best options if you’re looking for long-lasting result, it is more painful than other methods. Even some women say it’s the most painful hair removal option, especially for those with sensitive skin. Sometimes, pain killers may be required before waxing.
  2. It’s not effective if your pubic hairs are not long enough. You need to have at least 0.25 inch of pubic hairs, especially for waxing large pubic area.
  3. Trimming pubic hairs may be required, but make sure the hairs are still long enough.
  4. Sometimes doctor approval is required. For examples if you have diabetes, being pregnant, or taking certain birth control pills, you should ask your doctor first before trying Brazilian wax. Also, it’s not recommended during menstrual period since your body and skin become more sensitive to irritation & pain.
  5. Though the procedure is quite easy to do, you may have problems if it’s your first Brazilian waxing experience.

Brazilian wax and pubic skin health

As we age, the skin is at the mercy of lots of forces (e.g. bad habits, extreme harsh weather, or sunlight). Sagging skin is also more likely to occur with age. The same goes for pubic skin.

Pubic skin, also called ‘vulva’, will change as we get older. And some factors can speed up the process (e.g. your diet, lifestyle factors ‘stress or lack of sleep’, bad personal habits, and hereditary factors). How about Brazilian wax?

Naturally, your pubic hairs act as a natural defense mechanism for the vulva. Removing the hairs with any methods (including Brazilian wax) could be bad enough to put the vulva at high risk of some skin problems. So, should you avoid removing pubic hairs?

In general, Brazilian wax is safe for most women. It might increase the risk of sagging skin, irritation, or redness. But if properly used, there should be nothing to worry.

However each case varies. Just because it’s safe in most cases, it is not always OK for everyone. Stop right away if the waxing causes severe swelling, tenderness, wounds, infections, or something else that makes you worry.

What to remember to lessen the risk

Fortunately, Brazilian wax is not forbidden as long as you do it properly. But to keep safe, ask your doctor first (if necessary), particularly if you have certain skin conditions or health conditions that may make the complications of waxing more likely.

To safely enjoy the result of your waxing, here are a few things to remember:

  1. Tinny tears on the pubic skin may form after waxing, and they are vulnerable to get infected. So it’s important to make sure everything is clean. Use only a fresh stick for each application, and your aesthetician should understand this clearly!
  2. Completely bare, Hollywood-style is one of most popular choices when it comes to Brazilian wax. But if possible, consider not going with 100% full-Brazilian hairless. Remember, pubic hairs grow for a reason. They form a natural protective barrier for your pubic skin, as mentioned earlier!
  3. Be extra careful on removing hairs over the labia, the lips of your vulva. If possible, consider using personal hair trimmers instead of removing the hairs. This can help make the labia look clean without hurting the hair root.
  4. If you have tightly curled pubic hairs, you’re prone to have ingrown hairs (when tweezed hairs grow in opposite way, back into the skin). Ingrown hairs may cause infection, scarring, or skin darkening. Therefore, scrub your pubic area (especially the labia) gently and carefully during shower; if necessary, use acne-fighting pad containing salicylic acid.
  5. It’s possible to have itching, redness, or inflammation right after waxing. Your aesthetician may suggest hydrocortisone cream to soothe these discomforts. But if you’re allergic to corticosteroids or have any other allergies, ask your doctor first!

Try ointment containing vitamin A and D, zinc oxide, or coconut oil to help soothe damaged skin. They are safe for most types of pubic skin since they don’t cause infection or provoke bacteria growth.

What else

Don’t wear any tight-sexy jeans, underwear, or cloths a few days after Brazilian wax! Instead, use loose clothing to steer clear of putting too much friction on your pubic area!

And to reduce the risk of sagging skin, avoid such things as:


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