Does Dry Skin Cause Breakouts?

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Use a kind of fabric that meets your skin needs!

Clothing is another issue you need to concern for acne prevention, particularly if you have acne-prone skin in the body such as chest and back. Silk, cotton, or other natural fibers are commonly recommended to help improve the air circulation into your skin.


Avoid any clothes made from wool! It is also natural fabric but it tends to irritate the skin – even for normal skin.

Try washing your clothes with appropriate detergents (without perfumes /dyes)!

Install a humidifier in your room!

Your skin is more likely to become itchy and flake easily in dry, indoor air. A humidifier can help control the humidity balance of the room.

A humidifier can help add moisture into the room so thus can help improve your dry skin.

Also, do the maintenance of the device, particularly the unit’s air filter. This is not only important to make sure your humidifier work properly and efficiently (energy saving), but also important for the quality of air inside the room.


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