Does Dry Skin Cause Breakouts?

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Breakouts are more likely to be associated with oily skin, imbalance of hormones (such as during puberty and days prior to menstrual period), and poor skin care. But some people say that their dry skin also has an effect in triggering acne flare-ups – Is this true or only a myth? Find the answer on the following section!

Is it normal to have dry skin?

In general, dry skin is a common condition. Anyone can have it, even for those with oily skin since some people can have both dry and oily skin.

Dry skin may have to do with external factors (e.g. cold days (winter), low humidity, or the use of poor skincare products) . A few habits may also make your skin become dry such as taking a bath for long hours.

In a few severe cases it could be a consequence of certain medical conditions, for example inherited disorder called ichthyosis. In such cases, the problem can be chronic and therefore a dermatologist’s evaluation is usually required.

The good news, there are a lot of things you can do to cope with dry skin and improve the problem.

Does dry skin cause breakouts?

Millions people in the U.S and other countries experience acne flare-ups, and all skin types can have it.

Even if you have healthy skin with good balance in moisture, pH, and oil – there is still a chance for acne to form. Because it can be caused by a lot of things!

Dermatologists often say that there is no direct link between dry skin and acne. However, some problems that occur in dry skin also can be found together during acne flare-ups.

In other words, you can have both breakouts and dry skin but this doesn’t mean that your dry skin is the single factor behind the problem.

How does dry skin cause acne?

Again, dry skin alone is usually not to blame for acne – as noted before. But having too dry skin is also a bad thing for the mechanism of your skin to keep out any potential irritants (such as fungi, bacteria, or even viruses).

When the skin becomes too dry, this decreases the ability of the skin to protect itself from potential irritants! This increases the chance of more buildup of dead skin cells. As a result you’re likely to have acne.

Another thing that may have contribution is itchy problem due to dry skin.

When you have some itchy sites of your skin (particularly on the sites of prone acne skin such as face, chest, neck, etc), there would be more temptation to scratch. This can bring more dirt or bacteria into the skin!

Furthermore, having itchy skin also can be potential to increase the level of your stress, particularly true if you are not able to cope with the problem. And as well we know, stress also can affect the balance of hormones in your body. See also the link between stress and acne flare-ups!

Home remedies for acne with dry skin

It seems dry skin has a role to affect acne flare-ups, though this can vary between individuals. Whatever it is, dry skin is a bad thing for your skin health in long term.

Here are some helpful tips and remedies to ease acne with dry skin.

Use the best moisturizers that meet your skin needs!

Moisturizing for dry skin is a must. It’s necessary to help provide a seal for the skin and keep the water (hydration) from escaping. If your skin is too dry, thicker moisturizers may be your best option.

Skin care and cosmetic products that have moisturizers should be on your priority list. And if acne prevention is your concern, free-oil moisturizer may be your best bet.

During winter, should you change your moisturizer? The answer can considerably vary from person to person.

But if your skin is too dry, you may need to have some adjustments. Light moisturizer is commonly used in the spring and summer. But in the winter, you may need to use heavier moisturizer.

Drying and harsh soaps – they should be avoided!

Any harsh soap can make the problem of your dry skin get worse. Therefore, it’s much better to use gentle skin cleansers.

Choose the right one of cleanser product that will not make your skin to become dry or tight! Make sure your skin will become smooth and soft after cleansing.

Avoid also any antibacterial and deodorant which are particularly harsh.

Stick with a well-balanced diet

Your skin needs plenty of nutrients to keep on its best shape and to support the mechanism of your skin cells turnover.

For in-depth information about the role of diet for acne prevention, visit this section!

Get moving – get plenty of physical activity!

It’s undeniable that regular exercise or having plenty of physical activity is very important to promote both positive physical and mental health, including for the health of your skin.

So regular exercise is a must. See also the link between exercise and skin health!

Avoid excessive bathing!

Don’t take a bath too long since this can provoke your dry skin! Also, avoid using hot water! Lukewarm water should be enough. Also, wash your body as fast as possible!

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