Does Gestational Diabetes Go Away After Pregnancy?

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But if you then develop type-2 later in your life, your children are at high risk. Because having a family history of diabetes is a diabetes risk factor.

Women who have had GDM should take a screening test for diabetes (prediabetes test) earlier than others. Your doctor may ask you to take the test before the age of 45 – according the American Diabetes Association.

According to WebMD – women with a personal history of GDM have about 60 percent increased risk of type-2. Sticking to healthy lifestyles (such as eating right for diabetes (a well balanced diet), regular exercise, and maintaining your healthy weight) would help a lot to reduce your risk!

In addition, breastfeeding your baby is so recommended. It’s not only beneficial to provide a lot of exclusively nutrients for your baby, but also could be one of your best ways to lose your weight after pregnancy.

Also, breastfeeding can help lower the risk of obesity for your baby later-in-life.


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