Does Irritable Bowel Syndrome Cause Lower Back Pain?

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  1. Osteoporosis (decreased density of bones)! If your bones become brittle & porous, there is a chance for compression fractures of the spine’s vertebrae to occur.
  2. Arthritis – a health problem that typically affects the joints of bone. Back pain (particularly lower back pain) can occur in people with osteoarthritis (one of major types of arthritis).
  3. Ruptured /bulging disks! Disks have crucial function as cushions for each bone in the spine. If there are some bulging /ruptured disks, this can lead to back pain. But many cases of disk disease are diagnosed accidentally. In other words, many people with ruptured /bulging disks don’t experience back pain or other specific symptoms. As a result, they often don’t realize when they have disk disease until they undergo spine scanning test for another reason.
  4. Skeletal irregularities (a condition when the spine curves in the abnormal position /in the wrong way). A severe scoliosis (it occurs when the spine curves to the side) often causes back pain.
  5. Ligament /muscle strain! This can occur if you get a sudden awkward or repeated heavy lifting, particularly if you are being at unhealthy or in poor physical condition.

Back pain is a common problem affecting anyone. But if it doesn’t improve with lifestyle measures, see a doctor for accurate diagnosis!

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