Fix Receding Hairline without Surgery

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For hair loss treatment, platelet-rich plasma is considered as alternative simple, cost-effective treatment. Probably, there is still no conclusive scientific evidence to confirm its effectiveness for androgenic alopecia.


But I think it’s also worth a try if you’ve got the funds available since it is quite expensive, $500 to $1,200 per treatment. Also, one early study suggests that it’s feasible treatment option for male pattern baldness [6].


It’s a new alternative option to allow dermatologists create custom-craft personalized prescription solution to treat various types of alopecia. The solution may include topical finasteride, high-dose minoxidil, resveratrol, retinoic acid, spironolactone, and other potent ingredients to help stimulate hair growth.

Testimonials on this kind of treatment vary, but some people find it’s one of good, affordable solutions to try. With the right custom-craft personalized prescription of different ingredients, it should work better.

While some non-surgical treatments for receding hairline are quite promising, it’s also important to not set your expectation too high. Mostly, multiple and maintenance treatments are required to sustain hair growth.


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