Does High Blood Sugar Cause Drowsiness

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Diabetes could be stressful

Diabetes is a chronic high blood sugar condition. It requires a lifelong management of lifestyle measures and (if necessary) medications. So you need to have a strong lifelong commitment to manage it.

There’s no cure, but you can manage it. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to manage the condition. Sometimes the rigors of dealing with it could be stressful, making depressions more likely.


Diabetes complications

The disease could be serious when it has caused complications, which some could be life threatening. Some may also worsen depression.

Furthermore, chronic condition like diabetes is costly, causing financial problem. All these things would affect you psychologically.

What else?

  1. Depression may drive you to communicate poorly, think unclearly, and perform tasks improperly. This may make you harder to control your diabetes.
  2. Poor, bad lifestyle decisions (e.g. smoking, unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyle) are quite common things with depression. These would factor into diabetes.

The takeaway, drowsiness is a vague symptom since there are many factors to figure out. In diabetics, it may worsen diabetes symptoms. It may also signal that high blood sugar level is poorly controlled.

Whatever it is, see a doctor if the problem gets worse or if it doesn’t go away with lifestyle measures!


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