How to Avoid Gestational Diabetes in Second Pregnancy?

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Does chromium picolinate help improve your blood sugar control?

Some experts believe that chromium deficiencies may affect the fluctuation of blood sugar.


While some studies found that taking chromium picolinate supplement might help improve blood sugar control in diabetics, others found that it didn’t!

In general, chromium picolinate supplement work effectively if you have chromium deficiencies. However to keep safe, discuss with your doctor first before taking any supplement!

What else?

Here are a few things that may also help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes in second pregnancy:

  1. Stick to your regular meals – never skip your breakfast! Eating at not regular times can impair with your insulin response. Therefore, it’s very important to keep consistent with your eating patterns.
  2. Or try with smaller meals if necessary. Eat these smaller meals every 3-4 hours, also don’t forget to eat them at regular times!
  3. On the other hand, avoid eating a very large meal at once. Eating too large carbs at once is very bad for your glucose metabolism in long term!
  4. It’d be better to consume your protein with your carbohydrate. Protein can slow the absorption process of carbohydrate – as a result, you are likely to have a steady energy.
  5. Make sure you eat plenty of fiber a day! Fiber is indigestible part of food. It is not only good for your digestive system but also important to help control your blood glucose.

Again, restrict your diet from refined foods or simple carbohydrates! Because they can give impact for your blood glucose to rise easily.

A well-balanced diet is not only recommended to prevent gestational diabetes in second pregnancy. You should also get used to it after pregnancy to keep your risk of type-2 diabetes at bay.


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