Does Keratosis Pilaris Go Away with Age?

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Keratosis pilaris is a common skin problem and in general it is harmless. But sometime it can be very bothersome, especially if it appears on the visible spots. It can cause low self-esteem. The most frequently asked question, will it go away? Does it disappear as you age?

What actually is it?

It is a skin condition characterized by rough and bumpy skin, the affected skin is covered by acne-like bumps or goose pimples. The bumps are not easy to disappear, but the treatment is usually not necessary.

Again, it is not harmful condition. There is no real need to make appointment with your doctor unless it is causing you concern!

Understanding about keratin

It’s thought that keratosis pilaris is related to keratin. That’s why it’s not bad idea to also understand about keratin.

image_illustration313Remember the days in biology class? Fortunately, keratin is easy to understand. It is not as complicated as most people think!

It is actually a protein. Even it belongs to a family of proteins that are among the most versatile and important compound produced in the body.

Some major parts of your body are made from keratin. Think of your skin, hair, and nails. All of them are built for toughness & protection using keratin as the major component.

This protein can help heal injured cells, too. And did you know the answer that can make your skin waterproof? Yap, keratin is also the answer.

How do you get keratosis pilaris?

It is thought as a consequence of the results from the buildups of keratins! The excessive keratin buildups form a scaly plug that can block the small hole in the skin (the opening of the hair follicle). There can be a lot of plugs to form and cause bumpy skin.

Unfortunately, the reason that causes these buildups is not known. Currently it’s not fully understood yet why keratin goes awry and cause keratosis pilaris.

There are some theories. Some experts think that keratin buildups in people with keratosis pilaris may be linked to a genetic condition or other skin problems (such as eczema /atopic dermatitis). Many times, dry skin can worsen the problem!


Rough patches, acne like bumps are found on the affected skin. There are small, but quite a lot in number, making the skin feel rough (such as sandpaper).

They can occur in anywhere, even sometime on face. But many times, they are found on the buttocks, thighs (particularly front of the things), arms (especially back of the upper arms), and cheeks. The bumps are usually white in color, but sometimes red.

The good news, they are usually not itchy. But again, they can be frustrating since they are not easy to treat – especially if they appear on the visible spots, causing low self-esteem.

Does keratosis pilaris go away with age?

There is no single formula of treatment that works for all cases. But mostly, the treatment for this skin condition uses the combination of medicated creams and self-care measures.

However again, the treatment is not always necessary since the problem is usually harmless and doesn’t pose to any risk.

Even the good news, keratosis pilaris can disappear with age. It usually goes away by age 30!


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