How to Look Younger at 45

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You’ve just had a 45th birthday, what’s next? The skin changes naturally in time, which is perfectly normal for human being. The skin moisture levels decrease, the same goes for some active ingredients for youthful-looking skin (e.g. collagen and elastin). But there are also many options – from fashion tips to a few changes of skin care – to help deal with. Without further ado, here are ways of how to look younger at 45.

First things first, embrace your age!

Fighting against signs of aging is easier said than done. And the problem is going to get worse more quickly if you don’t know exactly what to do.

Aging is an inevitable thing, it is a nature gift. But we can manage it, making the rate of the process slow down. So the main goal is not only about looking like in your 20s or 30s. It is also important to take care of yourself from the inside out.

Everyone loves glowing and looking beautiful, that’s what society defines. But it’d be much better to embrace you age, otherwise you’re likely to drive yourself to make some mistakes to deal with.

For instance, signs of aging skin (e.g. fine lines and wrinkles) are more noticeable after the age of 40. That’s why over-45 women are likely to wear too much makeup. But this idea wouldn’t help a lot, even could be counterproductive for the skin health of your face.

Holy-hail makeup products are powerful to affect your confidence. They hide your fine lines and wrinkles, boosting your ‘fake’ youthful looking. But some also contain ingredients that may irritate your skin or cause allergic reaction, particularly true if you put on too much.

That’s why you should keep your makeup sheer, luminous, and as simple as possible. Focus on one feature you need most, and play it up!

Daily slathering on sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is crucial for everyone, especially after the age of 45. UVA and UVB rays, two basic ultraviolet rays, do have a role to take a serious toll on your skin health. They are one of the leading causes for skin wrinkles and other signs of aging skin, one study confirmed.

Unfortunately, the number of women who have daily slathering on a regular basis is lower than 30 percent, according to a report published by the AAD [1].

Most women are likely to start slathering on SPF when ‘sunscreen season’ has arrived, that is during the days of spring and summer. On the other hand, they tend to ignore their SPF protection during the autumn and winter’s days.

And this is a big mistake! It’s true that the UVB rays decreases during the cold days, but the story is different for UVA rays.

UVA rays are still present with quite high in intensity all daylight hours of the winter’s days [2]. Also, they are a tough ‘bad boy’ that can penetrate clouds and glass. Without sunscreen, your skin is likely exposed to large doses of UVA radiation. Although they’re less dangerous than UVB, they can also provoke your aging skin!

So daily slathering on sunscreen is a must, including during autumn and winter! Choose one that has SPF 30 /higher, with ‘broad-spectrum’ label. Broad spectrum means the cream can protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you may worry that a SPF foundation would make flashback more likely. Flashback is a contrast white-tone on your face that appears when a flash goes off. It often occurs when you take a picture selfie with flash-light mode.

Some women do worry about how their makeups appear in photos. In such case, a slightly lower SPF foundation (like 30) is still OK to use. And apply a pigmented, loose powder on top of it!


With age, your skin is going to lose the ability to normally retain moisture and have less sebum. Also, it will get thinner in time. All these things would cause dry skin more likely. And poor hydrated skin can provoke fine lines, too.

Therefore adding a good moisturizer to your skin care routine is an important pillar to boost your glowing appearance at 45. This helps reduce skin tearing and bruising.

Use moisturizer products containing strong water-retaining humectants. The proven ingredients, hyaluronic acid and glycerine, should be on your top list!

Try also the sleep mask, one of latest beauty trends to help deal with aging skin. This mask is usually designed lighter (much lighter than conventional night crams), so it wouldn’t mess up your pillowcase.

There are lots of sleep mask products to choose from. Mostly, they come with ingredients for anti-aging benefits. For your best results, choose one that also provides moisturizing effects!

List of life hacks to look younger

Again, there are lots of things to help deal with signs of aging. Even lifestyle measures would also help a lot. Here are a few examples:

Do’s Why?
Keep hydrated! Keeping hydrated is necessary for your hydrated skin. So it’s important to have enough liquid, drink water or eat more water-rich foods!
Your sleep position matters Sleeping on the back, for example, may help reduce ‘sleep wrinkles’. See more here!
Eating right
What you eat will have a role to the prognosis of your aging. Poor diet may accelerate the rate of your aging process [3]! Focus on diet low in saturated fats and high in fibers. Eat more fruits and vegetables in a healthy-balanced diet!
Regular exercise Exercise is a good way to boost your overall health, including your skin health. It’s also necessary to promote other things to make youthful looking more likely.

For instance, it provides stress relief and promotes better sleep at night. Also it is necessary to maintain your good posture. People with good posture are likely to look younger.
Get enough sleep every day! Your sleep would play a key role for your skin health. Sleep deprivation may provoke your skin to age more quickly [4].
Keep your stress in check! Stress, if uncontrolled, would take a serious toll on your overall health. And it’s also bad for the rate of how you age. It can factor into shorter telomeres, meaning this might age you more quickly [5].
Avoid alcohol! Alcohol would negatively affect your appearance, even at the cellular level. It provokes dehydration and iron deficiency. These are bad for both skin and hair health [6].
Choose the right glasses! Wearing glasses may make you look older. But with the right one that frames your face properly, this would help carry a difference. For example, cat’s eye frames are likely to make people look younger. On the other hand, avoid aviators!
Youthful-looking hair! If you’ve been identifying the same ‘do for years, try considering a new hairstyle. The change is dependent on your situation. It could be just switching up your part — or (if necessary) would involve changes of more volume haircut, hair color, or sometimes style alteration.

Some good ones to try are romantic waves, honey highlights, and side-swept bangs. On the other hand; stiff locks, ballerina buns, and strong center parts are common styling oversights to watch out!

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