How to Lose A Double Chin in 2 Weeks?

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Double chin is usually hard to lose if you only rely on weight loss diet or targeted chin exercises, especially true if the problem has to do with genetic and severe sagging skin. Many times, it is something that exercise and diet simply can’t help with. Even though these lifestyle approaches work, they take time in months or even years before you see the improvement. Thankfully treatments are available to banish that nasty fat more quickly. But can you lose double chin in 2 weeks?

Non-invasive procedures for double chin

Several years ago, going under the knife (surgery) was the only real, effective way to remove this stubborn fat pocket under the chin. But today, people who are pursuing a slimmer jawline have an entirely new set of options to help deal with. These options are called non-invasive fat removal procedures.

Non-invasive fat removal procedures are gaining popularity due to their fewer risks, less downtime and probably less expensive than conventional surgical procedures. They come with different technologies to destroy fat cells without surgery, and each type has pros and cons.

But these procedures don’t work for everyone. Depending on your situation, your doctor may suggest surgery if the problem is severe (sagging a lot, for example). Most of non-invasive procedures work effectively on mild to moderate submental fullness, fat under the chin.

When your dermatologist suggests a non-invasive procedure, it usually uses either injections or a handled device for removing fat cells from your chin area.

Nowadays Kybella, a procedure with injections of deoxycholic acid, is probably the most popular choice to deal with. Is it worth a try?

Deoxycholic acid is almost similar to a natural acid produced by the liver, bile acid. Like bile acid, it can dissolve fat cells. When injected into tissues of your chin area, it removes fatty cell membrane to promote slenderness and youthfulness jawline [1]. Since the targeted fat cells are dissolved, the results will last in years or even could be permanent.

Kybella was approved by the FDA in 2015. And from then on, it’s getting popular in beauty industry. Probably it is the biggest thing that hits our beauty realm since Botox era. But does it work as well as expected?

In general, Kybella involves a series of deoxycholic acid injections for a better-slenderness chin starting within 4 weeks. How about side effects? You may have a few days of swelling and minimal pain. However this varies from person to person. Downtime is dependent on the patient. Some people may experience swelling for a few days or even wouldn’t be noticeable, but others have swelling for more than one week.

Also, the procedure usually requires 3 to 6 treatments before it carries significant improvement. And each treatment is scheduled a month apart. Therefore probably it’s not what you’re looking for if you want to lose your second, lower chin in 2 weeks.

The same goes for other non-invasive procedures. Most of them also require multiple therapies to provide the expected results, and this can take anywhere from one to three months or more. There are several handled devices approved by the FDA. These devices are usually placed just above or on the treatment area to deliver sound waves, heat, or cold directly into the targeted fat cells.

See also a few important facts of non-invasive double chin treatments in this section!

So, is it possible to lose double chin in 2 weeks?

For quick, dramatic results — surgery is probably your best bet, especially true if other treatments fail to work or if your doctor /cosmetic surgeon believes that you’ll better achieve the desired changes with surgery. The good news, today some surgical procedures are more practical than before. Neck liposuction, for example, some specialists say now it can be done in less than an hour.

Although the surgical procedure of neck liposuction requires anesthesia and some incisions, it is a minimally invasive procedure. Many times it can be performed under local anesthesia. It could be your best bet if you’re looking a fairly quick invasive procedure to get rid of your double chin.

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