When Are Men Most Fertile Age?

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  1. The continuously and gradually decreasing sperm count and motility (motility is how well the sperm moves) can occur between the ages of 20 and 80. However, this issue may be still debatable. Some studies also found that the sperm quality may start decrease after the age of 30.
  2. Women younger than 25 year-old who have young partners (younger than 25 years-old) can get conception more quickly, about 4 months 15 days. But it can take longer (almost 2 years or longer) if they have older partners (over 40).
  3. If they have partners older than 45 years-old, there is a 5-fold increase in time to get their pregnancy. Furthermore, their risk of miscarriage can be 2-fold higher than when they have partners younger than 25 years-old.
  4. As well we know, the risk of failing to have a baby is high for couples taking IVF (in-vitro fertilization). And this risk could be up to 5 times greater if the male partner is older than 41 years-old.
  5. And children fathered by male partners 40 years-old or older are 5-fold more likely to develop autism spectrum disorder than others with fathers aged 30 or younger.

In these statistics, lifestyle factors have been taken into account.

The statistics show that the most fertile time for both men and women is at the age of early twenties (before the age of 25, around 20-25).

Now you know that male fertility decreases with age, though it decreases slower than female fertility. But fortunately there are plenty of options you can do to make it decline much slower. These can include a few changes in your lifestyle or medical intervention if necessary.


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