Psoriasis Scar Removal Cream and Home Remedies

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There are some creams or topical treatments to choose from to help make psoriasis scars less noticeable. Some of them include:

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This is derived from natural fruit acids that can be helpful to remove (exfoliate) dead cells of skin. It is also commonly used to reduce redness and improve acne scars – as well as signs or wrinkles of aging. If this is your first time in using alpha hydroxyl, you should start it from the mildest strength since it can cause skin irritation, particularly if you have sensitive skin.
  2. Onion extract (available as a gel). In essence, it can help control the production of collagen in scar tissue. As mentioned before, the over-production of collagen can make the scar get worse and become more noticeable!
  3. Silicone (available in rubber-like sheets or as a gel)! There is still no clearly answer of why it can help improve scar. It may work by trapping moisture which then may help improve scars fade.

*Not all of the active ingredients mentioned above are the definitely answer for your problem and meet to your skin needs. And typically, the use of topical treatment for psoriasis scar removal is recommended to be used after the flares go away completely (during quiet periods).

To keep safe, it’s much better to see a dermatologist for more advice about the specific cream /lotion /gel you can try safely. And make sure any treatment option you choose will not trigger or cause the flares of your psoriasis to recur!

Other helpful home remedies

Topical treatments are only one of ways to help make psoriasis scar less noticeable. The following home remedies may also help:

  1. As noted before, scratching the affected skin can increase the risk of leaving more scars. Therefore practice a good skin care should be the core of the treatment plan.
  2. Dealing with itching is not always easy. To cope with this problem, it is recommended to use emollients, particularly those containing exfoliating acids. These active ingredients are also helpful to reduce scaling.
  3. Again, never scratch the affected skin if you do serious want to eliminate the risk of developing scar after the flare-up of your psoriasis goes away. Another idea to cope with itching is with the use of cool cloth or an ice pack if necessary. Apply it on the affected skin as an alternative to scratching!
  4. During flares, avoid shaving – particularly on areas of plaques! Shaving during flares may make the plaques get worse, resulting more scars.
  5. Control you stress as well because it may become a trigger of your psoriasis to recur. See also other natural options and home remedies to help cope with psoriasis on this section!

Actually, scaring is not a problem in psoriasis, but it can be an embarrassing spot. However, you can prevent it by practice good skin care both during flares & off periods – and again, never scratch the affected skin!

But if the scars bother you a lot, there are also available some treatment options that can help remove them sooner. These options may include with laser treatment, surgical revision, punch graft procedure, or dermabrasion treatment. See a dermatologist for more detailed information about these options!


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