Should You Stay Off Your Feet with Gout

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  1. You can still participate in a variety of exercise programs, but ‘Not all’. Typically, any exercises or sports that involve high-impact /pressure on your joints are not recommended.
  2. Your exercise would give a big impact on your gout prognosis in long term. So do it regularly, choose exercise program you love most so you can make it a habit.
  3. Make sure it’s not too much, avoid strenuous exercise! If you experience pain, swelling, or other negative effects – stop your exercise, and see a doctor for guidance!

If necessary, ask your doctor whether you need a physical therapist. A professional, physical therapist who has experience training people with arthritis, would design an exercise program that you can enjoy most.

Gout is incurable, but it’s very manageable. With appropriate strategies, it’s possible to stay in remission for years. On the other hand, if the disease is left untreated (poorly controlled), you’re at high risk of serious complications which some could be life-threatening.

It usually takes months or years before other attacks return after the first gout attacks. Without preventive strategies, the next attack would come back more quickly. And later attacks would be more severe. Over time, the flare-ups may become more frequent. So if you have gout, never ignore it – controlling its progression is a must!


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