Can Stomach Ulcers Be Cured Without Surgery

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  1. Some people may not be able to take the medications due to certain reason. In such case, surgery could be suggested.
  2. If the medications have not worked in. Some ulcers may persist (fail to heal) after treatment. This situation is called ‘refractory ulcer’.
  3. If you have suffered a serious, major complication of the disease such as perforated and bleeding ulcer.

In rare cases, the excessive stomach acid production doesn’t respond to non-surgical medications and your doctor’s best efforts. Surgery to help control acid production may include:

  1. Vagotomy. In this kind of surgery, the surgeon carefully selectively removes certain nerves that stimulate excess acid production.
  2. Pyloroplasty, a surgical procedure to dilate the base of the stomach. It’s usually used with vagotomy.
  3. Partial gastrectomy, a procedure to remove part of the stomach that excites acid secretion so the stomach acid levels are easier to manage.

If you need to take surgery, it should outweigh the risks. The side effects range from mild to serious such as diarrhea, dumping syndrome, bleeding, blood clot, and infection.

How long recovery takes after surgery can vary, depending on some factors such as; your overall health, age, and another medical condition you have.


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