Can Stress Cause High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy?

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  1. The flow of blood to the placenta can be affected. High systolic and diastolic pressures can make your heart work harder in pumping the blood, including for the blood that flow into the placenta. The decreased volume of blood to the placenta can affect the growth of the baby since blood carries lots of essential nutrients and oxygen for the baby. This can cause increased risk of getting low birth weight.
  2. Placenta abruption (a premature separation of the placenta from the uterus). See also bleeding in the first trimester!
  3. Premature birth. If the growth of baby doesn’t run as well as it should be, there is chance for you give birth earlier than your due date!
  4. Preeclampsia (a serious complication of pregnancy that is typically characterized by high blood pressure and significant proteinuria (protein in the urine)). Not all cases of gestational hypertension develop to become preeclampsia. And women with a personal history of preeclampsia can get increased risk of cardiovascular problem later in their life, according to Mayo Clinic.

What will happen next (prognosis and outlook of gestational hypertension)?

If you have this problem, your doctor will ask you to keep monitoring you systolic and diastolic pressures. He usually also will closely monitor the amounts of protein in your urine, particularly after 20 weeks of gestation.

And don’t worry – with appropriate treatments and care, there should be nothing to worry as long as you follow all directions suggested by your healthcare provider /doctor.

In fact, there are many women can deliver healthy baby without getting serious problems though they have high blood pressure in their pregnancy.

For more advice, consult with your obstetrician or doctor.

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