How Does Water Help Build Muscle and Lose Weight?

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It’s undeniable that drinking plenty of water throughout the day is so essential for your overall health. There are some important health benefits from keeping hydration levels up, some of them are helpful to build muscles and lose your weight if you are being obese. What else you need to know? Learn more!

The role of water for your overall health

On the average, fluid (water) make up about 60-70 percent of the body weight. And different cells can require different amounts of fluids.

For instances, while fat cells contain about 10-15 percent fluid, muscle cells can be composed about 70-75 percent fluid. That’s why a muscular individual has a greater percentage of body weight coming from fluid. Even your blood is composed of about 90 percent fluid.

Lack of fluid in the body can lead to a condition what we call dehydration, a condition of when the body loses fluid greater than 1 percent of the body weight. This can be fatal when you lose it greater than 9-12 percent.

image_illustration173The following are some major checklists why you need to keep hydrated:

  1. It is important since your body need plenty of fluid to help digest food. Water plays a key role in the production of saliva and for stomach secretions.
  2. Fluid is essential to help deliver oxygen (O2) and essential nutrients throughout the body.
  3. In sweat, it is the main element to help keep the balance of the body’s temperature (typically when you are doing a physical activity such as exercise).
  4. It is also important to help lubricate the joints of you knee and other joints of the body.
  5. And in urine, it can help carry and push waste products out of the body.

Other numerous functions of water in the body are essential to maintain the balance of some minerals in the body, maintain function of kidney, improve healthy blood flow, and many more. Now you know that it’s so important to keep hydrated!

How does water help build your muscles?

Again, your body needs fluid to help deliver nutrients to cells of the body and delivering waste out of your body. It is essential to help form the structures of glycogen and protein.

Fluid is also so essential in the movement and flexibility of your muscles. If you have dehydration, there is a greater chance for the muscles to become cramp and deprived of electrolytes.

With lack of water and the imbalance of electrolyte, your muscle control and strength can be affected because your muscles are controlled by nerves.

As mentioned before, your muscles cells are made primarily of water. Lack of water in the body can reduce your muscle tone since dehydration can become a bulkhead for your muscles to contract properly!

Getting plenty of water throughout the day will help speed up your muscle response and improve the strength level of your muscle. This is also beneficial to reduce the risk of snagging skin.

Overall, keeping hydrated is essential to help improve your athletic performance. Even if you are being slightly dehydrated, this can lead to a poor performance and affect your endurance.

Water doesn’t provide energy as much as carbohydrate from food that you eat. But you need to know that it is crucial in energy transformation! That’s why if you are dehydrated, you are relatively easier to get fatigue!

If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, the following are some major checklist you need to remember why you have to keep hydrated:


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