What Does Colon Cancer Smell Like?

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Colon is essential part of your digestive system. One of its functions is to help reabsorb water from waste products, making solid stool.


Blood in the stool can be triggered and caused by some factors and one of them could be bowel cancer. The cancer can cause inflammation and internal bleeding, and therefore patients may find blood in /on their stool.

If bleeding occurs in the colon or higher up in the digestive system, the blood usually look darker (not bright-fresh red), like tar. This bleeding can signal colon cancer or another problem higher up the digestive system such as ulcers.

Overall, the smell of people with early stages of colon cancer is not easy to describe. Even though it does cause particular odor, your nose is more likely to not be able to smell it until it gets worse to its advanced stages.

For instance, bowel obstruction can occur if you have advanced bowel cancer. And people with bowel obstruction tend to have breath that literally smells such as feces.

Furthermore, in fact colon cancer usually doesn’t cause any symptom at its early stage. If it causes symptoms, these can be vogue, too.

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