What Is A Good Face Wash for Pimples (Acne Prone Skin)?

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  1. Keep far away from any harsh soaps and cleansers – as noted before. On the other hand, choose products that are nonabrasive, alcohol-free based, and gentle on your skin.
  2. Consider also your skin type – whether it is oily, dry, or both! This is important to find the right skincare product that actually works for your skin needs. Some cleansers products are designed for oily skin, some for dry skin — while others do good things for the combination of dry and oily skin.
  3. Keep hydrated! This is not only important to keep your body work optimally but also can help promote healthier skin.

Soaps and cleansers that contain acne-fighting ingredients may also help. Some of these ingredients include benzoyl peroxide, sodium sulfacetamide, and salicylic acid.

Adding a toner after cleansing is also sometimes necessary. This can help restore the appropriate balance of your pH skin.


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