Apple Cider Vinegar for Blood Sugar Control

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  1. The new study in 2018 showed that apple cider vinegar (ACV) might help improve HbA1c results [7]. This study is quite promising though the efficacy of the vinegar on this is probably more effective in a short-term basis.
  2. The vinegar might have a positive effect to help boost the body’s ability in using insulin more effectively in the skeletal muscle, according to randomized study (2015) [8].

What to remember? Controlling blood sugar is a lifelong process so this requires comprehensive strategy to deal with (especially if you have diabetes, work together with your healthcare diabetes team).

At the end of the day, eating a balanced diet is still the key. Also, it seems further studies are probably required for clearly answer of whether ACV does have an effect on blood sugar control.


So you should not only rely on specific herb like apple cider vinegar. Besides diet, appropriate approaches like regular exercise, good stress management, and (if necessary) diabetes medications are required.

Who should avoid the vinegar Well, ACV is commonly considered safe for diabetics so there should be nothing to worry especially if you use it properly.

The most important thing, you need to dilute it first. Taking pure ACV without diluting it may cause side effects more likely such as nausea, indigestion, gut irritation, and tooth enamel damage.

Inappropriate way on taking this vinegar would cause more harm than good!

If you’re going with insulin therapy or other diabetes medications, ask your doctor first to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your medications. Don’t use it or any herb to replace your primary diabetes medications without consulting with your doctor!

People with other health conditions (e.g. peptic ulcers and kidney disease) should also consult first with their doctor before trying any herbs.


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