Does Gestational Diabetes Cause Weight Gain Problem?

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Gaining more pounds of weight by sticking with a well-balanced diet during pregnancy can be a good sign that your baby normally grows day by day.

To support the growth of your baby, you will need higher calories intake than usual for more energy supply. But this doesn’t mean you can eat everything and lose control on what you eat!

In general, pregnant women need about 200-300 calories /day, higher than the condition of before pregnancy. This is required to support the development and growth of your baby during pregnancy.

Here is a helpful section for in-depth information about general guidelines of how much weight you should gain during pregnancy.

In most cases, pregnant women (with or without GD) should have weight gain for about 2-4 pounds (lb) in their first trimester and 1 pound /week for the remainder of their pregnancy – according to WebMD.

However to keep safe, discuss with your doctor and work with her/him – follow all instructions and the prescribed treatment plan! Gestational diabetes is manageable, but it also could cause serious complications for your pregnancy if left controlled!


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