Does Hair Loss Grow Back – Can It Be Reversed and Cured?

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The prognosis and outlook of hair loss to grow back is closely dependent on the underlying cause of the problem. If the cause is treatable, it’s likely curable and hair loss can be reversed. Depending on your situation, a number of treatments are available.

Also, it’s important to understand that no single treatment is appropriate for everyone. The treatment plan and its result can vary from person to person.

Does hair loss come from mother or father side?

The role of inherited genes in causing hair loss may vary. While some have the problem due to an inherited gene of the father side, others may have it from the mother side. Or it could also be a combination of both sides.

The following are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this issue!

What side of family does baldness come from?

Baldness may be attributed by many factors. One of the main ones is genetic. The risk of baldness increases if you have a family history of the same condition. And in such case, genetic factors may come from both mother’s and father’s sides.

Which is dominant? This is probably still debatable since each case is unique.

Baldness is often thought as a genetic trait from mother’s side (the primary gene for baldness is probably X-chromosome passed down from our mothers, according to one study), but this is not entirely true. Because many men with baldness also have a bald father!

So to find out your chance of baldness, you may need to look at all relatives in both sides (your mother’s and father’s sides).

Hair loss gene from father

If compared to inherited-gene from the mother’s side, the role of inherited gene from the father’s side is probably less dominant (except if your father has baldness) – according to a research conducted by DFG ‘the German Research Association [reference]’.

But in case if you have hair loss without a family history of the same condition, the answer of inherited genes ‘whether from your mother or father’ that have stronger contribution is more difficult to analyze!

Hair loss gene from mother

The role of genetics in hair loss is not fully understood yet. More comprehensive studies are probably required.

But in general, again the role of the mother’s side is relatively more stronger than the father’s side.

As well we know, the scalp’s androgen receptors may play a key role in baldness. These receptors are likely derived from the inherited chromosome from mothers. People who have the maternal grandfather with signs of baldness, their risk of baldness is higher.

People whose paternal grandfathers with signs of baldness are also at high risk (but this risk is relatively lower if compared to those whose maternal grandfathers with signs of baldness)!

Does hair loss grow back – can you reverse and cure it?

There are many cases of hair loss that can be reversed and cured with or without medical treatments. But again, the underlying cause of the problem would play a key role.

See a dermatologist for more guidance! In general, the sooner appropriate medical treatment you get, the better chance you have to reverse the problem.

Will hair loss from stress grow back?

Yes, hair loss associated with stress is likely to be reversed, particularly true if your stress is the single reason behind the problem.

Stress can be controlled and managed. Soon after you can cope with your stress, your hair will regrow back naturally.

Hair loss is common with stress – see more here!

How about hair loss from thyroid problem?

People with problems of thyroid may not have hair regrowth as well as before the disease. However, taking appropriate treatment can help reduce hair loss. Also, the prognosis varies by individual.

Here are a few tips to help deal with hair loss associated with thyroid disease:

  1. First, it’s still important to see a dermatologist to get a complete evaluation of the problem.
  2. Ask your doctor whether the prescribed medicines would worsen your thinning hair. Your doctor can consider appropriate treatments that minimally affect your hair follicles.
  3. Some medicines (such as Rogaine) may be prescribed to help improve the problem.
  4. Some alternative treatments may help. Try complementary therapies with green tea, vitamin B-6, or cysteine for examples – ask your doctor first to keep safe!

Anemia and hair loss

First things first, hair loss is not a specific symptom of anemia. But some risk factors of anemia would also make hair loss more likely.

For instances,, anemia and hair loss can be triggered by poor diet (lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin B-12 and iron) and certain medical conditions (like cancer & arthritis).

The prognosis depends on these factors. If the problem is triggered by vitamin deficiency such as vitamin B-12, your hair loss will return when you have fixed the deficiency. But if it has to do with certain diseases, medical intervention is needed!

When is hair loss irreversible and incurable?

Sometimes hair loss involves many different factors such as certain health conditions, side effects of different medications, and so on. In such case, it is more difficult to treat.

Furthermore if the cause is due to inherited genes, the chance of your hair to grow back is more complicated. In such case, medical intervention (including hair transplant) is probably required!

Treatment is not always necessary – it is closely dependent on what you feel!

If you worry about hair loss and how you look, taking appropriate treatment would help you feel better. On other hand, if you can enjoy your new appearance, there are also options to help deal with — such as wearing hat, toupees /wigs, and consider new hair styles!

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