Does Hair Loss Grow Back – Can It Be Reversed and Cured?

The prognosis and outlook of hair loss to grow back is closely dependent on the cause of the problem. If the cause is treatable, it should be also able to be cured and reversed. In other words, there is no single treatment that works best for anyone. And the treatment plan and its result can vary from person to person – again depending on the cause of the problem. So before deciding which one of the treatment plan you need to choose and follow, it’s very crucial to identify the exact cause of your hair loss problem!

Does hair loss come from mother or father side?

The role of inherited gene between from mother and father side in causing hair loss problem can vary from person to person. While some have the problem due to stronger inherited gene of father side, others can have it from the mother side or both sides. The following are some frequently asked questions about these issues!

What side of family does baldness come from?

Actually, the patterns of excessive hair loss which then can be potential to lead to baldness are inherited from a lot of genes that can come from both mother and father sides.

Even some experts also believe that both sides of family (including grandmother (both mother’s mother and father’s mother) and grandfather (both mother’s father and father’s father)) may have a role in causing baldness.

So to find out your chance of baldness, you need to look at all relative in your both families either father’s families or mother’s families. Though the chance of baldness as you age has no permanent fix, if you in doubt to the health of your hair or concern about hair loss – see a doctor (dermatologist) for more guidance!

Hair loss gene from father

When you experience excessive hair loss or even baldness but both your mother and father don’t have it, the answer of inherited genes ‘whether from your mother or father’ that have stronger contribution in causing your baldness can be debatable!

If compared with inherited-gene from mother, the chance of losing hair due to inherited gene from father may have less contribution (except if your father experience baldness) – according to a research conducted by DFG ‘the German Research Association’.

If you have father and mother without signs of baldness but both have family history of baldness, the inherited genes from your mother may have much more contribution in increasing your risk of developing baldness.

Hair loss gene from mother

Recently, there are many studies and researches that have been attempting to find out the clearly answer about the link of specific inherited genes and baldness. But unfortunately, this issue is not fully understood and still debatable. The results of these researches also have varied outcomes!

There are now more studies confirmed that the inherited genes from mother have stronger contribution in triggering excessive hair loss if compared with inherited genes from father (again – except if you have father with excessive hair loss problem and your mother doesn’t have it).

Some experts theorize that the scalp’s androgen receptors may play a key role. According to DFG, these receptors can be found in the inherited chromosome from mothers. For people who have the maternal grandfather with baldness or signs of baldness, they are at greater chance of developing baldness.

Individuals whose paternal grandfathers with problem of hair loss or signs of baldness are also at high risk (but this risk is relatively lower if compared with those whose maternal grandfather with signs of baldness)!

Does hair loss grow back – can you reverse and cure it?

Depending on the cause of the problem, there are many cases of hair loss can be reversed and treated with medical treatments. However for better result, see a dermatologist promptly if you concern to the hair loss problem that you are experiencing! The sooner appropriate medical treatment you take, the better chance you have to reverse the problem.

Can hair loss from stress be reversed?

In fact, excessive hair loss is pretty common in people with stress – learn more the link of both conditions on this section! So what is the answer of this question?

Yes it can be reversed if the cause is stress, particularly true if your stress is the single reason of your hair loss problem. Because as well we know, stress can be controlled and managed. Soon after you can cope with your stress, the problem of hair loss should go away and your hair will grow back naturally.

Will hair loss from thyroid grow back?

Theoretically, there is a chance to reverse and treat hair loss due to thyroid disease – but the result of the treatment also varies from patient to patient. In fact many patients with problems of thyroid cannot get all of their hair back as well as before the disease comes. However, taking appropriate treatment can help reduce hair loss.

hair_loss_grow_back_illustrationExperiencing hair loss is a normal part of aging. Your risk of it increases as you age. But if you have thyroid disease, you can have it earlier. Below are some common suggestions for hair loss treatment caused by thyroid disease:

  1. First, it’s still important to see a dermatologist to find a completely evaluation. This also can help identify another possible cause of the problem.
  2. Consult with your healthcare provider whether the prescribed medicines can worsen the problem of your thinning hair. If you serious concern with hair loss during and after treatment of your thyroid disease, your doctor can consider other appropriate treatments that minimally affect the health of your hair.
  3. Some medicines (such as propecia and rogaine) can be prescribed to help improve the health of the hair.
  4. Concern about underlying autoimmune condition called alopecia that you may have along with your thyroid disease. Sometime alopecia can be a significant factor of the reason behind hair loss problem in people with thyroid disease.
  5. Some alternative treatments are also available. These may include complementary therapies with green tea, vitamin B-6, or cysteine – ask and discuss first with your doctor for more guidance!

Anemia and hair loss – Will it grow back?

First you need to completely understand that anemia doesn’t directly cause hair loss.

But some factors that cause anemia can increase the risk of developing problem of thinning hair. For instances, both conditions can be triggered by poor diet (especially lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin B-12 and iron) and certain medical conditions (particularly chronic diseases such as cancer & arthritis).

If your thinning hair is caused by factors that lead to anemia, the prognosis is dependent on the cause of your anemia itself. If it is triggered by vitamin deficiency such as vitamin B-12, you may be able to treat the problem by only increasing the amount of your vitamin B-12 intake from your diet. But if the cause is certain diseases, medical intervention is needed!

When hair loss cannot be reversed and treated?

The challenge comes when the cause of the problem involves many different factors such as certain health conditions, side effects of taking different medications, and so on. For this case, the problem is more difficult to be reversed – because you need to take away all of these causes!

Furthermore if the cause is due to inherited genes either from your mother or father sides or both sides, the chance of your hair loss to grow back naturally without treatment is very poor. For this case, medical intervention (such as taking certain prescribed medicines from doctor or even hair transplant surgery) is often needed!

However, the treatment is also not always needed – it is closely depending on what you feel! If you worry about hair loss, taking appropriate treatment can help you feel better. On other hand if you are not worried about baldness /thinning hair, there are also some options to help you cope with the problem more easily such as wearing hat, toupees /wigs, taking different options in styling your hair such as combing /dyeing, and so on!

Furthermore, remember that some medications also can be potential to cause some side effects. Therefore, it’s important to concern carefully this issue before taking any treatment.

Does hair loss shampoo really work?

Again, the cause of your hair loss is the key answer of the question. If it is only triggered by lack of specific essential nutrients (poor diet), stress, or other controllable cause – using the appropriate thickening hair shampoo along with addressing these controllable causes can help.

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