How to Reduce Double Chin without Surgery

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Chewing gum may help, too

You may feel like a mix between plastic and rubber in your mouth while chewing gum. Depending on what you chew, some people believe it may cause increased risk of tooth decay (though this issue is debatable). But in general, it’s not necessarily harmful especially you do it in moderation. Even probably it’s a good thing to help cope with double chin.

It may not seem like much. But it could be a fun, minor workout for your jaw muscles. Regular workout with jaw muscles could be effective to help reduce excess fat in the chin, though it won’t do much by itself.

Also, one study suggests chewing gum may help control appetite [3]. Chewing gum after eating may make you feel more satisfied on what you have eaten. As a result, you’re less likely to look for additional snacks, which is good for your appetite and weight control.

But don’t rely on these chin workouts alone since you cannot spot reduce. Instead, combine with regular exercise to reshape your overall body.

Reshape your body, including the chin, by putting in hard work and consistently. In the right way, you will see any wobbly bits improve with a little sweat equity.

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How about diet?

Diet may also help ease your double chin. This is particularly true if the problem has to do with weight gain. People with overweight or obesity are more likely to have double chin. So, stick to a healthy-balanced diet. This is vital to manage your overall body fat.

If you’re being overweight /obese, try making changes in your diet to restore your healthy weight. As the number drops on the scale, your face and chin will also look better in appearance.

Include more fruits and vegetables. They are high in fiber and other important nutrients, which are not only good to promote weight loss but also critical for your overall health. Include also healthy goodies such as whole grain, nuts, and fish (lean meat). On the other hand, avoid foods high in saturated fats (including processed foods), sugar, cholesterol or anything else that can cause weight gain more likely.

What to remember, drop the number of your scale gradually. Don’t go with crash diets that induce a significant weight loss in a very short period of time!

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