Does Insurance Cover Double Chin Removal

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Depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance, some cosmetic procedures are covered if the procedure is reconstructive and important to improve your overall health. How about double chin removal? There are a number of treatments to choose from, non-invasive and invasive procedures. Does insurance cover these procedures for double chin?

Double chin removal (treatment options)

Double chin is a common condition in which a layer of excess fat forms under the chin. Mostly, it has to do with the accumulation of submental fat.


Lifestyle changes, weight loss diet (if you’re overweight) and exercise, can help promote youthful and slenderness jawline. But these don’t always work for double chin. Sometimes people can have it even though when they are skinny, though it’s often associated with weight gain. Other factors; age (skin aging) and genetics would also make the problem more likely.

Treatment is not always necessary since many times it doesn’t pose to serious health conditions. It’s commonly considered harmless. So we usually can ignore it, this is especially true for several years ago when going with knife ‘surgery’ is the only effective way to get rid of this tough nasty fat.

But today a number of treatment options are available. And did you know that there are also more people concern about their ‘selfie awareness’, one annual survey suggests. As a result, we find an increasing number of people who take double chin removal procedures.

We can classify these procedures in two categories; non-invasive and invasive (surgery). Each procedure has pros and cons, which is the best one depends on your personal preference. I have published comprehensive review about them in the following articles:

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So, does insurance cover double chin removal?

Since double chin removal is costly, some people are likely to look for an insurance to cover the cost of the procedure. But is it possible to take the procedure with insurance?

First off, it’d be better to understand when and how most health insurances include coverage for cosmetic procedure.

In general, who pays for the procedure costs depend on the type of your insurance and how the procedure is defined. And when it comes to double chin removal, it’s important to figure out whether it is really only for cosmetic goal or reconstructive.

Cosmetic procedure is used to reshape and enhance the self-esteem (patient’s appearance). It is entirely focused on improving aesthetic appeal, proportion, and symmetry. The treatment area is completely normal, that’s why cosmetic procedure is elective choice.

Reconstructive procedure, as the name suggests, is aimed to repair defects – reconstructing a dysfunctional area of the body (due to diseases, physical trauma, or birth defects) to its normal function and appearance [reference]. The procedure is required to help body function, preserving better quality of life.

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