Double Chin When Yawning or Smiling

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Sometimes double chin is likely to become more noticeable with some facial expressions such as yawning or smelling. Although this cosmetic issue is harmless, it can be very bothersome. Depending on how heavy and saggy it is, treatment may be required. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to deal with.

Does it look clearly without any facial expressions?

Double chin when yawning, smelling, laughing, or looking down doesn’t always point to severe submental fullness. Even some people with tight, youthful and attractive chin may have wobbly bits under their jawline when they make certain facial expressions.

It’s true that a number of treatments are available. But it’d be better to understand how severe it is and whether treatment is really necessary.

Not anyone has motivation or adequate budget to deal with a medically inconsequential thing such as double chin. Mostly, it doesn’t pose danger to a person’s health. It’s usually not more than a cosmetic issue.

If it is mild, you might be better served by a more balanced diet, regular exercise (including targeted chin exercises), and any other affordable things.

The good news — if there is no a second, lower chin when you don’t make any facial expressions, your double chin is likely considered very mild. In such case, a few lifestyle measures such as diet and exercise should be helpful a lot. There are many of things you can explore to help make it less visible.

What you wear may help

Sometimes a few things what you wear or put around your neck can help minimize the appearance of your second, lower chin. Here are examples:

  1. It’d be better to avoid wearing long, dangling earrings. Instead, choose short and small dangling earrings. Bulky earrings, especially some that end just around the jawline, would invite onlooking eyes to the neck and jawline (including your chin). So the right earring fashion matters to help turn attention away from the problem.
  2. Don’t use a bow tie since it hugs the neck more, attracting more eye attention to the neck and chin. A standard long tie is more recommended to keep you more balanced without making your neck and face look oversized.
  3. Excessive bulk to the neck from what you wear can accent your jawline, making your double chin more visible. But if you choose the right things, you can distract the eye and drive it further down your torso. Here thin scarves or long necklaces are good ideas.
  4. Avoid too high necklines since they can frame your neck, drawing more attention to your jawline. Go for a low, broad neckline if possible. This idea is a good way to point the eye away from your jawline.

A number of hairstyles can help make the problem less visible. A short, bob cut — for example, can provide a visually uplifting effect and reduce bulk-things around your neck and jawline. Make sure the cut doesn’t get curl under the jawline, because onlooking eyes are naturally focused at the end of a hairstyle!

But this also comes down to your personal preference, everyone’s features can vary. If you love long hair styles, they are good as long as they don’t cause too much bulk to your neck. It should stay long enough below the collarbone. Another idea, tie it up to rest the bulk of hair on top of your head.

For more guidance and best cuts, talk to your hair stylist! For men, a well-groomed beard works best to help hide the appearance of their double chin.

Your make-up may help, too

When it comes to making double chin less visible with make-up, contouring is a must. Contouring is required to apply different shades of your foundation. It plays a key role to trick the eye into perceiving the ‘fake’ lines and shadows.

Choose the right foundation of your skin tone; apply it all the way from the hairline to the neck. Then use a darker foundation, apply it to the chin and jawline. This should be effective enough to trick the onlooking eyes and hide your second, lower chin.

Opt for neutral ‘nude’ lipsticks — don’t use some with strong, striking colors. With attractive, lip gloss you’re likely to attract more attention on your chin and jawline since your lips are close to them.

Another idea, make the eyes pop. Your attractive eyes can distract the eye, inviting onlookers to focus on your eyes instead of your chin and neck.

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