Double Chin When Yawning or Smiling

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Treatment options

But if your chin looks saggy a lot even though when you’re not yawning, looking down, or smelling – lifestyle measures and tricks mentioned above are probably not enough. Here you may need treatment to effectively get rid of the problem.

In the past, surgery was the only effective solution to deal with. But today, a number of non-invasive procedures are available, even some probably are better than conventional face-lift surgery (at least they don’t have downtime, and carry fewer risks & side effects).

Non-invasive double chin treatments include deoxycholic acid therapy (Kybella), cryolipolysis (cooling) technology such as CoolMini, near infrared skin tightening, ultrasound therapy (Ultherapy), etc. Each treatment option has pros and cons, which is the best one? See more comprehensive information in here!

Treatment depends on what causes your double chin. Mostly, it is associated with excess fat pocket under the jawline. Along with lifestyle measures such as a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, if you’re overweight or obese, treatment can be focused to help make that excess fat melt away. If it has to do with sagging skin, your dermatologist / aesthetician would also suggest skin tightening treatment.


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