Most Effective Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Line (Retinol)

Choosing the right anti-wrinkle skin care line is essential when you’re over the age of 30. But it’s not always easy to find the most effective one, because there are lots of anti-aging products available on the market. So you need a few steps of little homework. Also remember, there is no quick fix for wrinkles.

First off, do a little homework

Skin wrinkles and other signs of aging skin are probably inevitable with age, but you can slow down the process. And there are plenty of options to deal with. With a little homework, you would find anti-wrinkle skin line that’s effective, safe, and nicely suited to your needs.

Generally speaking, here are some basic steps to remember.

Find out your true skin type

Without further ado, your skin type is crucial to make sure your anti-wrinkle products work more effectively. The basic types of the skin include normal, dry, oily, and combination. Your skin type depends on several factors, such as; how oily it is, the size of skin pores, and how sensitive it is to environmental factors.

Normal skin usually has barely visible small pores, moderate oily skin (not too dry or too oily), and moderate in sensitivity (it has no nasty sensitivity to environmental irritants). Also, it has no or only few imperfections.

But if your skin is more sensitive, more oily with large pores, or dry (rough & dull, typically with very small pores) – choose anti-wrinkle products that are safe enough to use. Remember, not all products are designed for all skin types.

Your skin complexion may matter, too. Although it won’t cause a difference for some products you’re going to buy, sometimes it may have an effect on choosing skin care products that are tinted to meet your skin requirement.

How extensive you would like your skin care line to be!

In general, we can say that the basic anti-wrinkle skin care ‘line’ probably will recommend the main product along with a cleanser and a moisturizer. But depending on what you need, you may also consider adding on toners or something else to address more specific issues.

It’s not bad idea to visit a medical spa for more guidance. Tell your preferences comprehensively to get your most effective skin care line. But don’t go to ‘mom and pop’ shops, because some spa operators actually only have very little training!

If possible, try samples! During consultation, they may offer you samples of their skin care options. Although you won’t be able to comprehensively rate the effective long-term effects of a product through samples, you can have the general look of the product before making a decision.

Comfort level

As well we know, the condition of the skin varies from person to person. Since anti-wrinkle skin care line requires consistency of commitment to a long-term routine, your anti-aging products should be pleasant enough to put and wear.

The good news, most anti-aging creams are made with delightfully soothing and easy application. Although some come with no scent at all, many products usually come with light fruit smells which most people love. The most important thing, avoid products with noxious smells!

The product’s ingredients

Anti-wrinkle serums and creams are overwhelming out there. They are a big business, and would likely to continue rising. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t worth their hype. But this doesn’t mean that there are no effective anti-wrinkle products. What they contain (ingredients) play a key role.

Retinoids, which are a class of anti-aging chemicals from vitamin A! They are powerful wrinkle fighters, and already well documented in some studies [1]. How they work can be divided up into two main ways. First they cause old skin cells to slough away and then stimulate new ones. Second, they push ahead the production of collagen, filling in lines and improving skin elasticity.

Retinoid varies in strength. The stronger it is, the faster it works. But this doesn’t mean stronger is always better, because the stronger also means the harsher it is. So, choosing the right formulation matters! Stronger retinoids are only available for prescription.

The good news, OTC formulations (less strong, typically called retinol) is also effective. A 3-months study suggested there was no significant difference between 0.025 % tretinoin (prescription) and 1.1 % OTC retinol cream [2].

What to remember, retinoids don’t provide a quick fix overnight. You will usually see the results after a few months of routine use.

AHAs (Alpha hydroxy acids), your skin’s best exfoliation powerhouses! They are usually derived from sugars or fruits (e.g. oranges and apples). Several studies have showed the effectiveness of AHAs in renewing the look of aging skin [3].

AHAs can help dissolve adhesive lipids that cling to old skin cells, allowing old cells to slough off and stimulating the body to create news cells. As a result, this replacement promotes younger and fresher-looking skin.

We can find many types of AHAs. But when it comes to topical application for aging skin, lactic acid and glycolic acid are probably the best ones since they can penetrate to the skin as well.

Hyaluronic acid (also called sodium hyaluronate), is a humectant that can help draw water into the skin cells and make plumper skin more likely! It’s commonly found in anti-aging product to provide short-term improvements since the key ingredients (retinoids and AHAs) takes time to kick in.

Most effective anti-wrinkle products for your skin care line

There is no solution that works for anyone. Some women may just want to establish an effective skin care routine, while others may need to fix a particular skin problem. Other factors as mentioned earlier – your skin type, complexion, and even budget – will also have an effect to your final choice.

Whatever it is, I think the following retinol anti-wrinkle creams are worth a try.

#1 Best deal, Dr. Dennis Gross Brightening Solution

This serum provides exfoliating and regenerative doughtiness, which are good for your skin care daily routine. It has must-have ingredients (retinol and AHAs). Also, it contains sodium hyaluronate (a humectant to help keep the skin hydrated), so you won’t have to buy another moisturizing cream.

It has easy application with pleasantly lightweight and fairly light scent. You may only need a few drops (3-4 drops) to apply it on your entire face. And then it will absorb into the skin quickly within a couple of minutes. You can apply it manually with your fingers, or use a wrapped stack of microfiber pads (included in the package)!

It is designed with great packaging, making the active ingredients (especially retinoids, which are extremely fragile) safe enough from environmental factors such as air, dirty fingers, and sunlight.

And with all these benefits, you only need to spend for around $85, which is relatively affordable for most individuals.

Probably it’s not the most out of your anti-wrinkle solution especially if you’re looking for thick cream or the skin-feel like of lotion. Some people are not a fan of a thin, oil-like consistency such as serum. In such case, you may like the next following recommendations.

#2 Best deal, IT Cosmetics Confidence in A Cream

With more affordable in price, around $40, it could be a good alternative choice. Like Dr. Dennis above, it has all three must-have ingredients (retinol, AHAs, and sodium hyaluronate), meaning it is a wrinkle fighter and a humectant.

But unfortunately, it has a few drawbacks. The main one is its packaging. While the price is more affordable, it doesn’t come with good packaging – which is the reason of why it’s docked primarily in this review.

Remember, retinol is very fragile and easy to degrade. Since the product comes in jar, the cream is exposed to environmental things every time we open it, making the active ingredients more susceptible to degradation. The cream is also vulnerable for bacteria when your fingers are not clean enough before each use.

Furthermore, its retinoid content is a bit lower in quality. It contains retinyl retinoate, which is weaker than what we find in the Gross Brightening serum of Dr. Dennis. This means it takes more time to see your skin improvements, but it’s less likely to cause skin irritation. If you have more sensitive skin, probably it’s good idea to try it first.

#3 Best deal, La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night

Regardless of how much money you spend, this product is almost perfect. It’s designed in completely opaque bottle, making its active ingredients very safe from environmental exposure. The design is not only futuristic and sleek, but also allows you to precisely quantify out how much cream to use.

With perfect packaging, it combines the triple whammy of effective anti-aging ingredients – retinoids & exfoliants to get rid of your wrinkles and promote youthful-healthy skin, plus a powerful moisturizer (sodium hyaluronate) to make your skin hydrated and plump. We can say it is better than the Gross Brightening serum of Dr. Dennis.

The most drawback thing, it’s not affordable for everyone. The price is around $520, which is about 13 times the cost of IT Cosmetics’ Confidence in a Cream.

I prefer choosing free-sunscreen products in this review because retinoid degrades easily in the sunlight, the anti-wrinkle products mentioned above are more recommended for evening use. Stay away from UV exposure while you’re using any topical retinoids! Sunblock may help slow down the degradation of retinoids, but this is not effective enough according to one study [4].

Anti-wrinkle regime do’s (what else)

No matter anti-wrinkle skin care line you choose, don’t expect a quick fix. Again, it usually takes time (weeks or months of routine use) before you’ll notice a difference.

Moreover, the effectiveness of the same product may vary between individuals. Cosmetic products, especially their effectiveness, are not strictly monitored by the FDA. So there is no guarantee that they will definitely work to reduce your wrinkles.

But in the overall picture, we can use what they contain to find out whether or not they work.

So far, the ingredients mentioned above are the best clinically proven anti-wrinkle ingredients. Although the results can vary, these ingredients still represent the best shot at looking plumper and younger skin.

However there is no single solution when it comes to dealing with aging skin. So you should not only rely on an anti-wrinkle product. To take the guesswork out of reducing your wrinkles, the following reliable ways are also important.

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