What Does A Mediterranean Diet Consist Of – More FAQs?

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If you’re looking for healthy diet to improve your overall health, Mediterranean diet is worth a try. Studies suggest that this kind of healthy diet is linked to a lot of health benefits. As the name implies, the term of Mediterranean diet itself is derived from a simply way of life of people along the cost of Mediterranean.

What to eat in Mediterranean diet?

Sticking and following this diet is quite easy and practical, particularly true if you seriously want to have a better wellness and health. The good news, it is a good thing where great taste meets good health.

What does a Mediterranean diet consist of? This is one of the most frequently asked question, but actually there is no single formula to answer on what foods to eat in this diet.

The answer varies from region to region. For instance, the cultural preferences and food availability can vary for each region across Europe and America. Therefore each region may have different preference, but still has the same goal.

In general, this diet is commonly focused on eating foods low in saturated fats, rich in fiber and other essential nutrients (particularly minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients) — reference!

The most common ones include olive oil, fresh vegetables & fruits, nuts, whole grains, and fish. Also, you can still have wines, yogurt, cheese, and even poultry — still moderation is the key.

Mediterranean diet often includes non-processed foods (e.g. seasonal and fresh whole foods). Even though if there are some processed foods, they are not in deep-fried and simply pre-prepped.

Overall, this diet recommends eating less animal foods (especially those high in saturated fats) and add more plant foods.

For animal foods, choose healthy goodies such as salmon, skinless breast chicken, etc – eat them in moderation. Also, stick with a wide variety of healthy foods in the diet!

For instance is yummy Spanish dish paella. It is rich in vegetables, some seafood, rice, and also rich in broth & olive oil.

Does Mediterranean diet work for weight loss?

The Mediterranean diet also includes healthy lifestyles, so it’s not only about what foods to eat. People who live along the cost of Mediterranean also have plenty of physical activity.

So having a regular exercise is a must with this kind of diet! This is particularly true if your goal is to reduce the excessive pounds of your weight.

Your body needs enough muscles to burn more pounds of your weight. Without this, losing weight can be more difficult if you only rely on the diet alone.

The good news, there a lot of options you can explore. For instance, along with your regular exercise, you can choose diet low in refined grains, low in red meat, and high in veggies.

And if you love wines – drink them in moderate amounts!

Differences between Mediterranean diet and American diet?

While American diet is typically rich in sugars, refined carbohydrates and also red meats, the Mediterranean diet is commonly rich in healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains – as noted before.

But both kinds of diet also use fat for the major source of calories.

As well we know, foods with saturated fats are commonly found in American diet. The same goes for a wide variety of processed foods.

On the other hand, monounsaturated fats (healthy fat) are typically more common in Mediterranean diet. This is the key what it’s different to American diet.

Olive oil is one of main components in Mediterranean diet

As mentioned before, olive oil is commonly found in Mediterranean diet. This healthy oil provides a lot of health benefits, including healthy monounsaturated fats (great for your heart health). Also, it may help control your blood cholesterol.

However, there is still no any scientific evidence to confirm the effectiveness of monounsaturated fats alone to prevent heart disease or other cardiovascular diseases. For your best result, get also plenty of physical activity.

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