Why Is Red Meat Bad for Diabetics?

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Unfortunately, the exact answer of why and how red meat affects the risk of diabetes is not fully known yet. It seems that the answer is pointed to the secondary complication derived from diet high in red meat, that’s obesity.

Obesity and poor fat distribution (excessive fat in the abdomen) may contribute to raise the risk of numerous different health problems, such as heart problems, hypertension, arthritis (especially osteoarthritis), and diabetes.

And we know well that red meat is rich in both calories and bad fats (saturated fats). If you eat it too much, this is not only bad for your LDL control, but also a bad choice for your weight control! All these things are bad for diabetics.

Also, researchers also believe that there is an independent contribution from red meat in increasing the risk. In fact, the connection held up even though researchers had controlled the role of weight gain in this study.

There are some possible ways of how red meat has directly contribution to both increase the risk and worsen diabetes.

  1. Too much consumption of red meat may cause excessive accumulation of iron in the body. And there is potential link between insulin resistance and iron overload.
  2. The role of chemical compounds called nitrosamines, potent carcinogens. It’s thought that nitrosamines in processed meats are potential to trigger inflammation and cause damage to cells of pancreas.

*However, these connections are not fully understood yet – more research is required

What is the bottom line?

For most people, eating red meat is considered safe, particularly true for moderate consumption. But even though you don’t have diabetes, it’s much better to get most of your dietary fats from healthy fats (unsaturated fats).

If you have diabetes, your major goal is to control your blood sugar level and keep your weight off. Occasionally eating red meat in moderation (especially for lean red meat) is commonly safe for diabetics. And this should be included in a balanced diet or ask your dietitian.

But when your blood sugar is not well controlled, your doctor may ask you to highly restrict foods high in saturated fats such as red meat. For more guidance, discuss with your physician /doctor!

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