How to Deal with Wrinkled Skin inside Elbows

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OTC products

Wrinkle-fighting products are overwhelming, and not all of them do work effectively. To save your money from purchasing wrong products, look at what they contain!


The most popular ingredients, which also have been proved in many studies, are retinol and alpha hydroxy acids. But while these ingredients work powerfully, use them as directed. Excessive use could be counterproductive, because they may irritate your skin.

The key, apply the topical solution properly as well as directed, and give the ingredients time to work. How long they take to work can vary between individuals. Mostly, they take months to provide improvements.

What else?

  1. Topical treatment with prescription for stronger dose. For examples, Tretinoin (stronger vitamin A) or more stabilized vitamin C.
  2.  Non-invasive cosmetic procedures — like fractional laser treatment, radiofrequency and ultrasound therapy.
  3. The use of fillers, injected into the skin (e.g. Radiesse).

Each treatment has pros and drawbacks, choose one that meets your requirement most. In general, it’s recommended to start with OTC products before considering more aggressive treatments (this is particularly true if your wrinkles are mild).

Aging spot on elbows can affect anyone, including Hollywood actress. Guess who is she? Clue: she is one of beautiful Brad Pitt dating list (lol).

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Lifestyle approaches and home remedies are often helpful enough to help ease wrinkled skin inside elbows. But if the problem is quite severe, it might be time to start considering treatments. In such case, talk to your dermatologist to get more guidance!


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