Diet and Treatment Options for Duodenal Ulcer Pain

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Get a plenty of fiber (such as fruits and vegetables) in your diet!

It’s undeniable that fiber is very crucial for anyone, including if you have no an ulcer.


Eating plenty of fiber can help provide extra protection for the lining of the duodenum and stomach. Therefore, make sure to get plenty of dietary fiber everyday.

Get also some cabbage in the plate of your meal!

One study suggests cabbage may help the healing process of an ulcer, though it’s not fully understood how it works.

However, eat cabbage in moderation! If it’s consumed too much, you would experience abdominal bloating.

Eat a wide variety of fruits in your diet!

Each fruit has unique essential properties that can help your digestive system work at its best performance. When it comes to treating or preventing duodenal ulcer pain, the following fruits may help:

  1. Plums.
  2. Berries.
  3. And banana.

* These fruits contain certain antibacterial properties that can help hamper the growth of H-pylori!

How about licorice, garlic, and bark?

Some studies found that licorice may help reduce the chance of acid in irritating the gut and stomach lining. Then for garlic, it contains some antibacterial substances to fight the growth of H-pylori bacteria.

And for bark (bark of slippery), it is commonly used to soothe the membranes of stomach and small intestine. But it seems more studies are required, because their effectiveness for duodenal ulcers is not conclusive yet. Ask your doctor first before using them!


What else?

Bismuth salts have some antibacterial properties. Even there are also some medicines for ulcer that contain bismuth for one of the major ingredients.

Also, eat foods slowly and drink some glasses of water throughout the day. Avoid eating a large meal or drinking a huge amount of water at short time! All these things are a good way to reduce a spike in your stomach acid level.

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