Does Green Tea Really Help You Lose Weight Quickly?

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Whatever the option you follow to lose your weight, the most important thing is you need to make sure it is safe for your body — including for green tea.


In general, green tea is safe for most people. But if you have certain health conditions, hypertension for example, discuss with your doctor first!

Green tea for weight loss is available in several ways. For high dose (which is usually also more powerful), its extract is you best bet. But again, ask your doctor first!

Or you can enjoy the taste by drinking a cup of green tea (1-2 cups a day is usually OK for most people).

Again, don’t rely on the tea alone. If it does work, it is only one of many issues you need to concern to burn more pounds of your excess weight.

No matter the kind of super foods you eat, you still need more muscles so thus your excessive fats can be distributed properly — and as a result, you’re easy to make your excess weight melt away.

Without plenty of physical activity, it’s very difficult to restore your healthy weight and keep it off in long term.


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