Easy Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 30

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As you get older, your metabolic rate decreases gradually which mean the ability of your body to burn calories naturally also goes slower as you age. However though your age is now over 30 and your metabolism work slower than before, there is always a way to lose weight or just to maintain your weight – no matter how old you are!

How does your metabolic rate decrease as you age?

Getting a gradually decreased metabolism as you get older is perfectly normal. But the problem is when it comes too fast. There are some factors that can make your metabolic rate decrease faster than it should.

These factors include some bad habits such as poor sleep (either in quality and quantity), taking a crash diet that can cut calories much lower than the minimum of your calories requirement, physically inactive (sedentary – you don’t have plenty of daily physical activity), and so on.

While the metabolic rate of your body can go down faster than it should, you can also improve it with appropriate steps. The ideas to improve your metabolism are commonly the opposite conditions that can worse your metabolic rate such as taking regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep & rest, sticking with a well-balanced diet, etc.

According to the National Health of Institute, generally the metabolism of our body will gradually decrease by about 5 % for every 10 years.

Compared to the age of 25, our body will only burn 200 fewer calories at the age of 45 and 100 fewer calories at 35. So, if there is nothing you do to cope with it – naturally you will gain weight by about 8-12 pounds per year. So, if you are now over 30 – your weight loss program should be more than ever.

Weight gain is a part of natural aging – is it true?

Actually, there is nothing wrong with this perception. However, you should not follow it without doing anything. In line with the decreased metabolic rate of your body as you age, the mass of your muscles also will diminish (another thing that can increase your chance of gaining weight easier than before).

Fortunately, again there is always a way to lose or just maintain your weight, including if you are now over 30. Yap, there is no magic formula but there are also a lot of options you can follow to effectively increase the amounts of calories your body burn and eventually will help lose & restore your weight back to normal.

So, how to lose weight if you are a woman over 30?

First, you need to completely understand the basic formula to get weight loss.

As well we know, you can make the excessive fat of your body melt away if the number of calorie that your burn through physical activity is greater than the calorie that you get from foods that you eat.

So to cope with the decreased metabolism as you age, you need to get moving more and eat less with appropriate amount of calorie. The following are some easy weight loss tips.

Don’t only rely on the scale of your weight!

If you rely on just your scale, this doesn’t tell you about how far the percentage of the weight is lean. Even for some women over 30s with normal weight, they can have a low number of muscles and a high number of fats. And if you have fewer muscles, you can gain weight easier than if you have more muscles.

The amounts of your muscles also can be a sign of how well you get moving in your daily activities. More muscles that you build can be great to improve your metabolic rate.

The weight scale of your weight should not be the single parameter. You need also to concern the percentage of muscles in the body. In the same weight scale, the difference of metabolism from a pound of muscle can be much greater than a pound of fat.

Overall, there is actually nothing wrong if you focus on your weight scale. But don’t forget to build more muscles through regular exercise! When most of your weight comes from fat and even you now still have normal weight, once you lose control on ‘what & how much’ you eat, you will start putting on weight really fast.

Combine weight-lifting and cardio exercise – try also different kinds of exercises!

Exercise is often labeled when it come to losing your weight. This is reasonable since you don’t only need to eat lees but you also need to burn more calories. But many times, women don’t clearly understand where they start their exercise. As a result, they did ineffectively exercises that cause less impact for weight loss.

If compared with women in the age of 20s, women in their 30s are more likely to lose more pounds of lean muscles if they don’t exercise enough.

So, taking a cardiovascular exercise alone (such as swimming, walking, biking, etc) will not give a significant result of weight control and weight loss if not followed with strength-training. If you don’t get any strength-training in the middle-age, you can lose up to 5 pounds of muscles or more for each 10 years.

And don’t forget to try different kinds of exercises! Sticking to the same type of workout is not too good in burning calories and building muscles. You need to know that your muscles have special ability to adapt what you put in. If you stick with the same kind of exercise or movement too often, your muscles can become so efficient in burning calories.

woman_30s_weight_loss_illustrationHow do you know when you need to switch up? There are several signs – these may include:

  1. One of clearly signs is when you gain weight but you don’t reduce your exercise and also don’t eat more in your diet.
  2. You don’t sweat as much at the end of your exercise. Sweating may be not directly linked with the amounts of calories that you burn. But in general, it can be used as one of indicators after taking strenuous exercise. Read also about ‘Should you need to get sweating from exercise to lose weight’- on this section!
  3. You don’t get any feeling of tired at the end of your routine.

And don’t go too far when thinking about different types of exercise you need to try. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to do it. Just make sure you get more variety movements in your exercise!

For instance, if you love simple exercise such as walking, just variety the speed of your walk – increase the speed for about 20-30 seconds and then back to slow down, repeat it with different intervals that you like!

Adopt healthy habits as much as you can!

A little thing of healthy habit you can do is great for your entire health, including for your weight control. This can include:


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